.3.15.09.."Who Farted? Crop"..

My sweet Lil' sister *T showed up!
Yip..I know, we look nothing alike..
she's tall. I am not.

So we decide to have a much needed *crop day..for those of you who really don't know alot about scrap booking this is a great word.

*Crop: .....a crop is a group of giddy women with sharp objects /alot of paper & pics, and stories of family and their kids/husbands that have to be shared with the ladies! There is always food involved in these sessions! Lots and lots of laughter and sometimes a thing may not get done because your laughing to hard...

So we show up at my dear friend Les's house, with no make-up, pajamas -n- slippers, and really tired...but wanted to be there all week! Was not gonna miss this!

So we all realized after a short while of our crop.We all 3 had the farts.bad farts.clear the room kind.as a matter fact...we all did end up at the front porch, outside. Because I did one or two so bad..sorry Girls. But I heard *K ask her mom.."Where are we gonna sleep tonight?" Everyone laughed!

But I have to say the Wii was broke out and I say I have never seen one, heard of them alot..but I laughed so hard ,watching the other girls doing a "hula-hoop!" OMG! I video taped them doing this and you don't see the TV, just them swaying their hips! It really looks like they are going into seizures! And the look on their face is so serious! How can you not do this ? Either laughing or smiling...??!

But in all, a very nice day spent with friends and relaxing..got a lil' scrap booking done..


Oh my that was a fun time!! I got no scrapping done...lol shhhh dont tell Nic! lol
The wii was a blast. But I must say I totally rock the hoola hoop!!!lol
Yup you are jealous!!! lol
That was for sure a good day!

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