.3.5.09." The Insanity Must Stop!"..

UGH! See the stuff I have to put up with?!

Look* at the size of these muthers!! ( I know it's mispelled..) That's the point.

This is what I have to put up with ALL DAY at work! I walk in, and right away these are staring and screaming my name...I immediately took it up with the clinic manager and let her know how this was not cool...

How Can a girl work under these crazy conditions? Did you SEE the size of these?

I work with a very well-known veterinarian and people are always dropping food off...terrible. Just terrible I must say!

VERY challenging to eat healthy and work there...I bring in 100 calorie packs and healthy crap to eat all the time. I'll cover the food up, but when it SMELLS good....that's it.I'm done. Over and out. I'm down for the count. Goodbye cruel world.

I looove things that smell good! I will buy shampoo on the smell, I will buy Rolaids if they smell good!!!!

But the good news is..I DID NOT cave in...I did not have one of these tempting pieces of heaven.

I was. I was mad all day.


Miss Anne said…
You are a very strong woman. I commend you for keeping yourself dedicated to your healthy eating. You are fit and healthy and it shows!

Ha @ "those muthers"!


Congrats on the WILL POWER!!!
Mrs. Nurse said…
wouldn't it be nice if customers brought boxes of 100 calorie packs.. kill two birds with one stone. you save $$ and eat healthy :)
Anonymous said…
HAHA those things were HUGE!!! Congrats on not eating them. I always love your tactic of hiding all those bad treats up in the cupboard. It's a never ending fight. Everyone else goes, "HEY where'd the candy, or chips, or cupcakes or whatever else is there that day, go??" And lo and behold I know Miss Jody True hid them up in the cupboard!!! hehe
Miss-happypants said…
lol...like you even have to worry about it!!! I commend you too, but really? really??? You'd gain like a 1/4 of pound and lose it by chasing Kelly or Daren around that night. :)

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