.3.23.09.."My Kelly..."

I think in the hustle and bustle of our daily lives we forget one of the most important part of our family...
Our beloved pets.

They love us unconditionally.
Always sooooo happy to see us.
Never laugh at our morning hair..or breath..ugh!
They literally stand behind us no matter what...to pick up the food on the floor, of course...
Never judging us or criticize our mistakes...
They spend time with us when we are sick and contagious to the world!

All they ask in return?

We love them back.
Always have fresh water and food available...okay, my dog does need a lil' less...
Shelter...in your bed.under the covers.
Free from pesty fleas...

My pooch and I have been through a lot together.
I do thank the almighty she can't talk though...
No really...I love her to death! But we argue as it is! I find myself saying to her..
"do you need to go outside?"
"what? You need to go out again?!! You were just out?!My gosh dog!!
"no! You don't need another biscuit...you just had one,..two,..oh Okaaayyyy...one more and then that's it!!"
"why didn't you say you were out of water?"
"some guard dog you are."..{as she's sleeping as a someone is walking up our drive...}

But she's a wonderful dog and I really get teary eyed, when I think of her getting old-er.
She's a big part of my life. My heart.My family.
I decide on doing on things if it affects her directly..."sorry, I can't. No one to watch Kelly.."

But if she can understand me I want to thank her unconditionally love and devotion to me. She has been the most loyal and consistent thing in my life since the day she has entered it.
I'm her number one FAN!

So remember your beloved pets. They always think of you.


Kyla said…
awwww, I'm the same way with my dogs... if someone asks me to do something after work- i'm like sorry but my dogs have been in their kennels all day.

and it's funny because i think i have the same conversations with them as you do!
Miss-happypants said…
Kelly is such a doll. I love her too! :)
Oh Jod.....very sweet!!
I love Kelly too!!! Very good doggie. And if you ever wanna give her to Tayler I would say ok...lol
Yeah I know....can't a woman dream...lol
Miss Anne said…
Kelly is such a sweet pea. Gentle, loving, loyal and so sweet.

I couldn't agree more... pets are so special for our lives. I can't imagine my life without Peyton.
she's a cutie! we too are so in love with our dogs. they are so good to us!
LuckyLass said…
omg I just watched "Marley and Me" and then reading your post is so true and so much what the movie's about. Our pets are like children. They need our love and care the same. It's so important to take good care of them and cherish them while they're here in our life.(Sorry, I'm tearing up now)
Great post! This is why I can't watch movies like that.
Kelly looks like such a sweetie!

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