.3.3.09.."Busy day!.."

Boy! Had a busy day today...a husband to embarrass at Walmart, got me my Fishin' License!! Yes!!! Embarrassed him again....good day. Good day.

So we are at Wally World last night...I shriek when I see these mugs! Mr. Fancy slinks to the next isle...saying something like "Oh No! She's looking for the camera..." as I'm digging in my purse! I was laughing so hard, cuz I knew he was so embarrassed! He got my picture for me, though!

I wanted these mugs, but they are planters! Ugh!!! I'd use it for a huge serving bowl, but there is a draining hole on the bottom! How stinking adorable!!! I will get them anyhow for the back deck though..not in a planting/flower mood right now...

But Yes!! Good day! I got my fishing Licence! Yes! So after work, The Mr. went and got his too! We are gonna head up to Sportman's to get my tackle box( which I don't care what color it is, cuz I'm gonna paint it pink, and BLING**** IT!!!) I do want a pink fishing pole, but all I could find is "Hello Kitty/Barbie" poles.....I'll think of something!

BUt Gotta fish with Daddy-O! I'm getting ready Dad! I want to catch my first fish and put it behind the plexie glass on the counter of Bi-mart. The guy there told me to bring in my first fish picture! Cool! I did tell him "Does catching a guppy count?" He laughed at me...ummm....

I was serious.


Kyla said…
I saw those mugs too- my mom got me one for my birthday last year that is solid brown, I just used it on the kitchen counter for a while to keep candy/snacks in! I am not a flower person at all :)
Those mugs are awesome! :) I want one! lol... Just stumbled on your blog.
Mrs. Nurse said…
Those are large but super cute cups. Mr. Nurse always gets embarassed about pictures with me too. Especially on vacation when I ask strangers to take them!
LOL you are totally adorable!!!
Love the planter mugs!!
Paint it pink and Bling it!!! That should be your new nick name!!
Anonymous said…
HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH That picture and story is priceless!!! You freakin crack me up Jod!
Miss-happypants said…
Love these mugs...so fricken cute. Can I have a cup of hot chocolate please. No, no...just one for me thanks.

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