.3.12.09.."I've been Tagged!Yea!!!"

I've been tagged by Miss Sweet "P.S. I Love You"! Thank you lil' Lady!

Now, I have to post 10 "not -so- cute" things about me...umm....with the husbands' help this should be no problem!He! He!

1. I have horrible gas! Bad.all the time.constantly...but I laugh all the time about it.sorry.it's funny.

2. Burp.Like a trucker!then laugh about it.

3. I get road rage, very easy. I DO NOT LIKE idiot drivers..very dangerous people!

4. I have no tolerance for stupid people or people being stupid.i say rude things and get very mad...which leads me to # 5...

5. Short temper!

6. I always seem to have to suddenly speak to my husband while I'm on the toilet!! Bad.Horrible Habit. But I do my best thinking!

7. I always leave the bathroom door open..when in use...just when company is around do I close it..

8. If there is a gross smell....I will smell NEAR my dogs behind..I know! But hey! You would have never known this about me if I wasn't tagged..so sorry 'bout this...

9. I'm intrigued witt Autopsies! They interest me! I would love to work at a morgue.

10. Hack'em up! Saw'em up! Gross horror flicks are the best! Yea! for saw 5!! I like to sit at the edge of my seat and bite my nails off!! Love it!But the dumb people always fall down and look back? What the heck? I'd be making a "Bugs Bunny" impression THROUGH a wall!! AUGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So here is my list...I'm tagging:

Miss happy Pants

Southern Bride

....Making a Bride

Pretty In pink

Enjoy ladies!!! :)


Oh geez Jody!!! LOL
All those on your list make you special....lol
Mrs. Nurse said…
I have the same gas problem. It usually occurs when I am laying down for bed too. Mr. Nurse will get sooo irritated, ha! I can't do the movies...they scare me!!
Kyla said…
oh gosh, you are so funny :)

I always blame bad smells on the dogs!
Miss-happypants said…
hahaha, you are great! That's why we love ya! And she's right...she has the WORST fricken gas!!!

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