.3.16.09."Does this flower make my head look small?"..

AAHHHH!!! Ha! Ha!
I love it!
I just went and bought this new software for my computer to play with images and this is great! I'm laughing and playing with pics..

Well? Like my flower? Ha! Ha!


haha..LOVE THIS! :) Def. made my morning! Thanks for stopping by my blog. I stumbled across yours yesterday and have really enjoyed reading it! I will def. continue! I hope you have a terrific Tuesday..Happy St. Patty's Day!
Anonymous said…
You are an absolute dork!!! lol (remember what that is???) hehe you crack me up....I cant wait to see more pics like this!!!
Oh my goodness, this is hilarious!! What software did you buy?? Happy St. Patty's Day! :o)
Oh my I have no words! LOL
You are "special" lol!!
Kyla said…
Ha, so silly!!

I get on picnik.com all the time and distort pictures, and then leave them as a surprise for Eric as our desktop background.. he thinks I'm weird :)
Anonymous said…
I will be looking at you in a different way not MissJody!! This is making me laugh so much!! Thanks I need it..
Have fun at the coast tomorrow... and I will talk with you later Flower...
Miss-happypants said…
hahahah, that is hillarious! Your chin looks fricken huge in this pic. Love the hawaiian touch though...you should've wore that to Anne's shower. :)

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