{ Yip. It's true. This is my BFF of 30 + years and I, like say.....in High School. WE (she was the instigator! I was an innocent bystander..oh so innocent and shy...sigh.....Les, if your reading this..I know I'm gonna get crap for this..I just know.) were constantly doing something crazy and off the wall. We made alot of people look at us and just shake their head laughing. We Never broke the law, did anything illegal. Just illegal in our parents' eyes.....Ha! Ha! Poor Mrs. Hawkins....what she had to put up with. She never knew what she was in store for when she made that drive home, down her street...there we were...doing something that made her shake her head....sometimes laugh..???
You'd be happy to know that now we are adults..we just do 'grown up' things now...

I have learned
not to worry about love,
but to honor
it's coming with
all my heart.

{Alice Walker}


Miss-happypants said…
hahahahahahha, I LOVE this pic!!! It just represents us perfectly. I little nutty, a lot of fun and very carefree. Everyone should have this much fun!!! :)

And NO you are not getting away with anything miss INNOCENT (MY ASS)!!! I think we were equally guilty in most adventures. :) My mom didn't know what to do with us.

Remember this??? "Girls, can't you just call them coneheads?"

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