.3.30.09.."Wii..no fit here!..."

{ Daren and the ...sigh...Wii. Exhibit "A" }
Okay, people..there is a national shortage of Wii Fit! My God!
My husband and I have searched all over for this ...thing!
I'm beginning to wonder if it actually exists...hmmm???
Every place we have gone...is out.sold out.
And you know what is sooooo funny?
Not one salesperson wants to take your name and number and call you! All the stores have a policy of not calling people when you want to spend money in their store! Can you believe it??!
We have spent soo much money on gas/time that we could have bought 3 of them.
Now my husband has taken it personally, and now is on a military mission to find one.
We got the actual Wii, but we bought that for the "Wii fit"....sorry ladies no Wii fit yet!
But we bought other games for my husband to play....and after playing it once. He's hooked.He pulled out the X-Box I got him, and put in the other room!!! NOOOOO!!!!!!! This is not goood people!
You have no idea what this means! AGH!!
Okay, couple years ago I went and bought the X-Box and a couple cool games for him/us...
We were playing a haunted house one..which I loooove those type!..and it was my turn..I immediately got killed...of course. Then it was his turn.for 2 1/2 YEARS! I never got to play it again. He doesn't like to share....so I wanted the Wii for ME!!! AH!!!!!
He put the X-Box in the other room! He.unplugged.it!
I even asked.."soooo, whatcha' gonna do with the X-Box?...."
He just replied.." Oh, I'll just set it here for now...." I'm on to him!!!! I Know what he's up to!
I don't even have the game (wii fit) I want yet ,and I already lost it...darn it.
So, I know I will have to resort to the Internet, but does ANYBODY KNOW where one is in stock!? That a store actual has in their store?!
Help! I need my Wii back ,before it's his turn for the next 2 1/2 years again!
**side note** He IS gone for a week..so I get the Wii all to myself! Ba! Ha!Ha! ;)


Shannon said…
haha...I LOVE the Wii!! I don't have one, but my roommate did and I got addicted! :) How fun! My favorite is the bowling game! I tend to get a lil competitive on that thing..isn't that sad? haha..hope you had a great Monday pretty lady! :)
Paige Gill said…
I love the Wii. Sorry cant help you with the Wii fit, still looking for Mario Kart. Been looking for a few months now.
check costco..
Miss Anne said…
omg i love the pic!

we played Wii Fit with our neice and nephews this past weekend... it's hilarious.

i'm excited for you! add that to the "to do list" for the weekend we come over!

:) i'll keep my eyes peeled for a wiifit for you!
Miss-happypants said…
I looked for the wii fit for like 3 months! Costco finally got it in for a little bit. You just have to keep looking. My mom got lucky at found it at Target the first time she looked!!! I was like WHERE IN THE HECK DID YOU GET THAT??? Turd! You'll find it eventually.

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