.3.28.09.."Wii Fun! Whoo Hoo!"..

Good day...got alot of housework done...
We went on a Wii scavenger hunt..trying to find Wii Fit!

We are having a blast playing with this one so far...Outdoor challenge.
Here is two grown adults playing like cartoon characters! Pretty funny!
It comes with this mat and we are jumping around and dodging logs and jumping over things!
But he's got bigger feet than me and keeps stepping on my side of the mat!
Cheater! Cheater! Pumpkin-eater!
It's alot of fun though!
Still want the Wii Fit though.....


Miss-happypants said…
LOL...You got it!!! Awesome!!! It's so much fun isn't it?! I love the WII Fit...just need to do it more. A lot more. :) I want to get the Jillian (from Biggest Loser) one. I think that would be fun too. They have it a Target. I'm hoping it will go on sale. :) We've never tried the one you guys got. Sounds like fun!
Kyla said…
Ohhhh, I'm so jealous!! I want a Wii... you should move closer so I can borrow yours, ha :)
(may want to look at costco for the wii fit)

Invite me over to play....lol

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