.3.1.09." No Cabin Fever Here!!!!"

What glorious and relaxing weekend!!! Loved it! Recommend it! 6 thumbs up!!*

FIRST!!!! Jillian and I were talking over dinner when we first got there...we went out to eat, at a cute lil' restaurant straight out of a Moby Dick Movie..ahhh!!

My Bff of 30 plus years also came and stayed til the next morning..Love you Les!!

But the not so-funny part was that..I'd LIKE* to think I love to scrapbook....but what kind of scrapper am I ,when I forget..umm..paper. Yeah. I. know.

The thing is. Jill forgot too. Yea.

What the Bleep!!!

So we head to walmart the next morning.60 mile round trip.to get paper.that I have. at home.IN my scrapbook room.

So then we head back and FINALLY get to do what we traveled here to do! So happy. Got so much stuff done. My husband *LovEd it. He wanted to stay longer and another night.
He brought his laptop so he could work on projects..so if he got bored he could have something to do..he said he'll never bring projects again. He loved not having a thing to do..

So relaxing and wonderful. I woke up early just to hear the faint sound of the waves crashing on the rocks, through the window....sipping my green tea and not a worry in sight.

My husband did bring his guitar and sang to Jillian and I most the night. Jillian came out her chair when "Fireman" by George Strait was sang...I think she likes that song!

But I loved it and it was sooooo much needed! Thank you Jillian and Nic and it was wonderful!

I will never forget paper again.Ugh!


Miss-happypants said…
Ahhh man...I missed the singing!!! That's what I get I guess. We'll have to drag Daren along next time too. I want to be seronated (I have no idea how to spell that). Anyways...you get the point. :) Glad you guys had a great trip. I did too...even though it was so short.
Miss Anne said…
Sounds like a great time! I sure thought of you guys!

That was a fantastically fun filled weekend!! I had a blast!!

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