.3.22.09." A* & J*"

*Yeah to A & J ! Congratulations on your ceremony!
I'm so happy for you and it was so *beautiful!*
Miss A* looked exceptionally gorgeous! Make-up flawless and hair so beautiful! J* looked so happy and actually quite comfortable in the tux, I must say. Looked very Good!
You can tell how hard Miss A worked on her wedding...it showed. Everything had her special touch and it was so nicely put together.
All the bridesmaids were so beautiful and looked so perfect...the groomsmen looked so nice in their tuxes! Very nice colors and the green was a very nice touch.
The reception also had a very "A & J " touch! They had a beautiful center pieces that was so simple and so elegant!
A very delicious ChoCoLatE* BaR! Yes folks! You heard me! Wonderful idea and very creative! She had the prettiest glass vases in various shapes and sizes, with candy in them, with the wedding colors complementing each vase!

Very nice ceremony and very classy.
I'm so happy for the both of you, and very happy we got to be there to witness such a happy day for the both of you!

*** My special tribute to J*....


Miss-happypants said…
You're absolutely right! It was a beautiful wedding and reception!
Kyla said…
bwahahah, i love the picture at the end!!!

and Congrats to your friends :) what a special day!

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