This was Anne's bridal shower.
This was put together by "Miss Creative herself-Roxanne" !!! She did a wonderful job on all the organizing, decorating, and cordinating all the games! Kudos to you Roxanne! Hats off to you!
I admire people with that much creative-ness ( not a word, huh?) and time! Oh the time it must have took!

But I feel that the bride had fun, she had alot of her friends show up and very nice outcome of ladies...

Then there was Les, Jill, and I!!! Ha! We are always on "silly-mode"..so, okay...Jillian sneezes and to be polite,..she covers her mouth with her arm and I look over..how could you not? Blow Horn!! So, I look over and I see a glistening on her arm......Oh! it' S-NOT!! I was laughing so hard and trying to (of course..) get a pix! I was laughing so hard! So I followed her to the kitchen where she was cleaning off her arm and it was so funny!!!! Oh my gosh....some funny stuff!

I do hate that when that happens, your trying to be all polite and decent..and your eating your food....then AAAHHHHHCCCHHHOOOOO!!! You Can't hold it! Sometimes it even shocks you! Your like "Where did that come from?"
Then after a sneeze like that, you look find yourself looking around.."okay, where did all that land?.." You check the vicinity around you....did I get snot here..here?..or here?....you lift your arms, look at your hands, flip them over and over, feel your body-grope yourself..feeling for a wet spot where the snot could have landed..
Okay! This is some funny stuff!! For all of you stuffy people who are reading this..your reallllyyy kidding yourselves if this has never happened to you! Come on! Enjoy life's lil' un-expected-ness!! It's great!!

So, always sneeze with your hand over your mouth..gross if you don't. Just check your hand n all ,afterwards!


I tagged you in my blog! :)
LuckyLass said…
Both a disgusting and hilarious snot story. Now I know why you guys were cracking up in the kitchen...thought it was the rum I slipped into the punch.

Thanks so much for the nice compliments and for the help all you girls did setting up for the party and such. It was so great to all work together as a team and give Anne a bridal shower to remember.

I don't know if I'm that creative or just nuts, trying to throw a party and take care of a 2-year old at the same time, Ahhhh!. Haven't slept in days....

It was a fun party, and I enjoyed coordinating all the details. Kudos to the dressmaker (Jody) and winning team of the Hawaiian Bride Dress Up Game. Awesome job!

Thanks again
Lucky lass
Miss Anne said…
It was such a good time. Thank you for coming and helping and being a part of it. I am thankful for my friendships and yours is important to me!

OK OK now not funny!!!
I did not sneeze.....I coughed....and water that I just drank came back out....yeah still and icky story....but heck what can you do when you are recovering....lol
This was such a good time all hanging and being silly at the shower.
And total Kudos to Rox!!! Woman can through a party!!!
Anonymous said…
AHAHAHAH This is SUCH a true true statement! I definitely ain't stuck-up and I can say I've done that, too! More than once! HAHA It's always like 20 mins later though when I accidentally find the "spot"....ick
Miss-happypants said…
hahahahha, this was a great time. And Roxy definitely does Rock at throwing parties.

I have done the sneeze thing many more times than I can remember. But it's not usually snot, it's usually food. And if it's light food...you know in weight...not calories...like crackers, etc that shit can really fly!!! I've found stuff in my hair before. Cuz I have some pretty powerful sneezes! They are like a whole body experience! Love it!

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