.3.18.09.."Ummmm...are you okay in there!?"

So....I get home after working a looooong day. Very tired.
MR. FancyPants jumps in the shower and I leave and go in the other room and I heard A WOMAN screaming!!! I'm all?.....What the ??? As it sounds like, a woman trying out for a horror movie..
Yup. You guessed it. It's the Mr.
I get to the bathroom, and he's standing outside the shower yelling at me..well, not AT me...
"Baby! There's a spider! Kill it!" I tried to be respectful and not laugh in his face...Ha! Ha!
So..I go to kill this vicious beast that he had painted in my wee mind with his womanish screams...it was soooo little people...shhhh....
And I missed it and the lil thing took off running and he screams more at me! "AAAAHHHHH!!!!"
Okay, people. Paint an image of the Mr.:
He's tall and skinny.
Not afraid of anything, but spiders.
SLEPT through bombs when was in Iraq. Not jumpy at all.
VERRRRY calm and relaxed.
Doesn't yell or scream about much. Just smiles and shakes his head.....
Unless it's bingo..he gets a lil worked up...
Was a drill sergeant for....ummm...alota years....he did yell then..

So, HIM being so scared of spiders is very funny to me...

yes, just in case your wondering, I did get the spider. He'd have me chasing that thing all night if I didn't.


this is the cutest story ever! :) You guys are adorable!
This is hilarious!! I love it! Ya'll are too cute. I tagged you for the Kreativ award! :o)
LOL that is soooooo funny. You can come kill my spiders to tho....lol
I hate em!!
Miss-happypants said…
That is hillarious!!! I do know how he feels though. I hate spiders too. unfortunately i don't have anyone to yell at to kill the darn thing. lol.

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