.3.4.09."*Love the Camera!"

This lil' camera is the best! I carry this thing every where I go! I'm Always taking pix of someone/something!

I recommend this..never miss a moment. You'll regret it!... My husband agrees..he'll see something before me and say "Wanna blog about this?Better get your camera" so I guess you call him an enabler?!!

He supports my scrapbooking addiction, also. All his fault..will go into that some other time!

So I wanna go on a scrapbooking cruise!!! To alaska...I see this on "Oh My Crafts" all the time...any suggestions? I wanna go next year. It will be my first cruise...ever. I want to make a good decision...

Hi. My name is Jody and I'm a scrap-o-holic and I have a problem.


Miss Anne said…
You're always great at having your camera on hand at all times...


great pics!

scrapbook cruise sounds amazing! let's go! :)

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