3.8.09.."Daddy-O Update".

I'm so happy to announce my Dad has quit smoking! After 50 + years!
What an accomplishment! I'm soooooo happy and soooo proud of him. He sounds better when I talk with him on the phone! No more coughing. Yea Dad!

I don't have an addiction,...well, scrapping may be considered one...at my level of insanity...

But I praise people who do have an addiction and it's a battle every day for them, to fight that.
Kudos to you!! It must be very difficult!

Dad, I'm proud of you and I imagine it will be a struggle sometimes, but I'm praying for you!


Miss Anne said…
that's HUGE!

i'm proud of him too for you!

Miss-happypants said…
Tell him I'm proud of him too!!! That's a wonderful accomplishment and he should be very proud of himself.

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