The Ladies :)

The wonderful ladies here!

This was Miss Anne's get together..Bachelorette Get-to-gether..dinner...we had other plans, however with the wedding be so close, her and J's family is coming and lots to do!!!

So, we end up Applebees...I'm talking to two of my buddies and tell them "OMG! I think I saw my lil' sister, or someone who looks like her!" so...I waited for this waitress to come out and I thought she looked my lil' sis! (*Miss T)
She end up being so cool and a very sweet! She's totally our kind of people to hang out with! She visited with us,..even though we weren't even her table.., told us stories and was just a doll :)
So if your ever at in my hometown..look up the best waitress there, people!
So I'll send a shout out to ya Brittany!! YYYEEEEAAAAAA!!!!

So we head out and all of a sudden taking pictures with this pole outside of Applebees seem fun..with a mother and child looking on, in the next car.which.i did not realize until *R said something! But it was fun!
Great group of ladies and always a pleasure! Thanks ladies!


Miss-happypants said…
That was so much fun!!! It was great to be with the girls and have some great laughs. Can't wait for tonight!!! See ya there! :)
Oh It was such a blast !!! It was alot of great laughs and good times!!

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