.3.11.09.." The second day!EEKK!"..

It's coming along just fine!
Now, if only the weather will cooperate..?...However we do live in Oregon!
Which I love! We have green all over, mountains, and the beaches! NO tornados, earthquakes,..(now I jinxed us!), floods..it just rains alot.alot.alot...
But I can't wait for the deck!! Yea! Now that I'm getting older, I'm starting to appreciate more being "home". The saying "Home Sweet Home"? Now, in my ol' lady days...I'm realizing what all that means!
Now that We ( the Mr. and I have talked about this...) are more mature...the bars and "going out" just isn't all that fun anymore? I feel really sorry for the single people out there! A couple times I've gone out with friends and watched people! Wow!!! The men are DOGS! The women are just..well, gross. Be a lady! Geez!
We will not drink and drive. I'm a very BIG Nerd about this..there has to be a D-Driver. Not to mention my BFF of "alot' of years is a deputy sheriff and she will (and can) kick my butt!
So, we like to hang out at home, have a couple friends over and just relax...no stress, no worries. Just laughter and food. So this deck will make it that much more enjoyable for company!
Okay.Boring post. Have a fab day peeps!


You are so funny. You make it sound like you are in you sixties....lol.
You are way not old....
Oh I so know what you mean about the men being dogs...."We are married....oh but not to each other...lol" He still had no clue huh!!I totally would have kicked his ass for you!!
I can't wait to be invited over to relax on you new deck!! hint hint!
Miss-happypants said…
Wowwww...Check you guys out! That is going to be fun to hang out on. :) And YES...I WILL kick your butt if you drink and drive. And YES it does suck to be single sometimes...lol. That's okay...I like myself...so I'll just hang out with me. I'm quite entertaining. :)

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