.5.29.09.."Experiencing New Blogs!"

I'm so sorry!
This is soooo late.
However...I was awarded this award from "Southern Pathways"..She has a great personality that shows in her blogging!!

To Accept the award: 1) Accept the award and post it on your blog together with the name of who granted you the award 2) Pass it along to 10 other blogs you've newly discovered

So I did! I went and discovered new blogs! This can be addicting! I feel like I have a connection with so many other bloggers out there! Your so fabulous!

So I went through and even started becoming followers for these blogs:
Dum Ta Duuuum!

1} The Pink Chick
2} Homemakers Cottage
3} Yours Truely
4} The New Black
5} The Mom
6} P.S. I love You
7} Embrace the Everyday
8} Learning To Be A Wife
9} Mrs. Southern Belle
10} Her Southern Charm

Have a great night Ladies!!! Toodles!!


Mrs. Nurse said…
thanks for discovering me :)

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