.5.26.09.." And it begins..."

Today and tomorrow I still have off from work...well, this is my project. To get all this packed and organized for the movers..

This is crazy!

I don't know where to even begin!

This is crazy...
But I love scrapbooking :)
I guess I need a few boxes.


Miss Anne said…
bitter sweet tho huh?

i hope you have some productive packing these next two days.

please let me know if you need any help!

heart you!
You dont have to take it all....lol
Les and I can keep it safe .....or use it....!!!
Yeah I knew that wouldnt work....had to try.
You have so much fun stuff!! Good luck getting everythinig done!
PS. How have I not been a follower of your blog this whole time? I thought I was! Consider me you're newest, #1 follower... :o)
Anonymous said…
Have fun with all that!!! haha Looks like a blast! ;)
Miss ya girly!!
annette said…
ok.. you are soooo not going near my "craft room" until I've done alot of work... you can walk into yours???????????
Miss-happypants said…
Oh I agree with Jill...no need for you to have to pack all that up. lol....we'll help you out! :) We're here for ya babe!

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