WHOO HOO!!!!!!
Well, It's official!
My BFF....{I've done prev. posts about her! }
Well, Les is going to drive my Jeep for me to Ar, while the Mr. and I drive the Truck n Trailer!
I'm so excited! I'm sooo happy!! Yeah! I get to spend a lil' more time with her! When we arrive, she will stay a couple days then fly back home....:}
She wants to see that part of the country anyhow...it's on her bucket list, I believe.
But yes! We haven't been on a road trip together since high school...wow....takes me waaaay back.


That is great!! That should be fun for all of you!!
Miss Anne said…
I'm so glad Leslie is going with you... it'll be good for you to have here there in your space for a while... and for her to see where you'll be living too!

can't wait to come visit!
Yay for friends spending time with ya! :)

Cute cowgirl boots!
The New Black said…
A little girl time sounds great! You've got me thinking back to the old road tripping days with my bestie...good times! Have fun!
Miss-happypants said…
Wooooo....do we look SEXY or what!? I tell ya what...we are looking HOT!!!!

I can't wait for the trip! It's going to be a blast. I can wait for the end result though.

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