.5.8.09."The Deadliest Catch"

YEAH!!! For Captain Phil!
I had the wonderful pleasure of meeting a reality show-celebrity!!
Have you ever watched the reality show " The Deadliest Catch"? Well, I just happened to start watching this and getting into it, then one of the Mr's co-workers let us know that Captain Phil was coming to our town..eekkkk!!!
So we headed downtown after work one night, this last week and got to meet him!! We help tear things down and set up for him and before the flood gates were open and people came in, I went and jumped on my chance to get my pic with him.
He acts and reminds me of my brother Rick..his mannerism and everything...ya know, I felt bad for walking up to him and bugging him though... I even apologized for bugging him..I feel bad for celebrities. I was watching him and people just flocked to him and wouldn't leave him alone...
His son was there also and just nice everyday people. Gosh! They work hard!! Hats off to them!!


Miss Anne said…
Jamie's so upset you didnt call her! This is her FAVORITE show!

Anonymous said…
How did you not call me? ..... sorry, I was wiping my tear away. Anyway, it looks like you had fun. ... oh, sorry, I was wiping away yet another tear. I guess you could say I'm a bit jealous... you know my love for that show. How is Phil? How is his heart? Did you tell him to take it easy and his boys will make sure everything is ok? ..... Jamie
Jealous a bit here....I love that show!!
Miss-happypants said…
That's awesome! That show in addicting. I didn't get it when people talked about it, but then I watched it and I couldn't turn the channel...lol.

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