.5.16.09..."Hello? Anybody Home?"

Okay the reason for this post is that..I realize I have a HUGE problem.
ZERO tolerance level for stupid people!Zero.zilch.nada.
But here's the problem.
I show it.
I'm so irritated with them, that it makes me cringe, thinking about them...you know- they are a species, right? THEY are their OWN SPECIES!!! Stupid people and stupid people SHOULD NOT BREED!!!!! It should be against the law, or something! It should be a "taboo" or something, to get it across to people. But yeah your right...they are stupid.
I work in a field that these poor, helpless, defenseless animals DEPEND ON THIS SPECIES to take care of them. Scary thought, huh?
I admit...I do stupid, silly things. But hello? I admit it..and blog about it..duh...
The reason I bring this up, is that I ran into 3 different breeds of these things at work...I work with one of my very good friends and she shakes her laughing at me and asks why can't I be nice to this breed? I told her.."NO. I can't. I treat stupid people like I'm in traffic. If a car tries to hit me or cause an accident..I honk at them..maybe a finger gesture or two, to LET THEM KNOW they are being stupid!They need to be told! If you don't let people know they will go about their day thinking...wow. I'm pretty smart" People we can't have this insanity!!! The insanity must stop! Ha! Ha! Had to put that in there..
But to all my brilliant, smart, beautiful family, friends, and blogger buddies have a great day! :)


Anonymous said…
You're the biggest goober....but I agree!!! Your reaction last night to that one client was pretty damn funny!!! haha You know whats funny though?? Is those same stupid clients don't get when you're annoyed with them and they think you're their best friend even when you're obviously being sarcastic to them!!! haha You're good at that! :) Anyway, I'ma be leaving here soon to see you at work!!! yay!!! Work is fun!!! :/
Anonymous said…
Hahaha. You are soo right. I hate stupid people too. Some time i think they are the result of inbreeding! You are soo funny.
Miss-happypants said…
I know what you mean. We have a jail full of that breed in Corvallis. :)

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