.5.13.09." Happy Anniversary!"

Today is our 5th wedding Anniversary!
To the Mr...
Thank you for countless laughs and tears from those laughs!
You are an amazing man and I'm the luckiest person in the world to be be by your side. You've shown me what love, happiness, devotion, dedication, and hard work is all about in a marriage. Thank you.
Your my everything. I love you Babeeeeee!!!! :)


Miss Anne said…
*Happiest Anniversary* sweet friends!

Your love and devotion is apparent. I couldn't be more blessed to know the both of you.

Many blessings and love on your journey together!
Congrats! Happy Anniversary!!!
I have been behind ya since day one....and I will continue to do so!!! I love you both!
Miss-happypants said…
HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!!! You two are the best! Your love is amazing and your life together is inspiring! I love you guys!
Anonymous said…
CONGRATS!!!! :) I'm so happy for you two!!! The Happiest couple EVER!!! :) :)

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