5.20.09.."Where were you when Kris Allen won? Whoo! Hoo!"

Today here in AR, The Mr. got off work a lil' early and we went and scout the areas for homes...
B-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l HOMES!!! MY LAND!!!

But After we went and picked up the famous Miss Netti and continued our adventure..in home hunting. Then we all met up @ the flippin' cutest bar and grill you've ever seen! The place is called "Jason's", with the best lil' waitresses, and the craw fish{mudbugs} were amazing!

The bar and grill was tuned into American Idol and when the results came on...the whole place went quiet and all waitress stopped and stood under the TV. It was great! I had more fun watching their reaction! I actually took pics of them while the results were read!
But it was a HUGE night here in AR for Kris Allen fans! Congrats Kris!
But on a lil' side note.....while I was drinking beer and eating mud bugs..the owner of the bar brought over their local and famous veterinarian { like my boss is , in our hometown} and introduced me to him and first thing he asked was if I would come to his home...funny, I know where he lives..it was pointed out to me...but, he asked to meet with me tomorrow @ 8:30 am! EEKKK!! Wow! Can you believe it?
Possible job already?
How cool would that be!?
But his clinic is on his property..I'm gonna try to get pics!
But, wish me luck! Big Day tomorrow!


Anonymous said…
WOW Jo! Everything seems to be coming together wonderfully for you both. Good luck tomorrow! You won't need it though, he will LOVE you!!!! Everyone always does. I'm glad you guys are having so much fun! Love the pics!!! Love you guys!

Miss Anne said…
oh my goodness!
the signs all point to AR!
I'l be sayin' prayers for you tomorrow morning!

call/text me after you meet with him!!!

heart you!
Anonymous said…
GOOD LUCK JODY TRUE WHO!!! You will totally blow him away! He'll love you I just hope that it works out for you!
yay for Arkansas! ;) Hope your meeting goes well!
I hope your job goes well! :)

And woo hoo for Arkansas!
Jenn said…
you don't know me but after spending some time with my mom i'm guessing you know OF me. I'm Jenn - Miss Nettie's oldest girl - and i'm just going to try hard to not be jealous while reading this since you were with my mom and I wasn't!

Talked to mom a little and it looks like things are going good for you. Good luck!

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