Well, my wonderful husband and I have made our decision.
Arkansas will be our new home.
It hit me this morning.
The Mr. left for work and I'm sitting in the room, getting our day planned...then the thought came across my mind.
My sweet pea Mom..I started crying and couldn't stop! My Mom and I are best friends! She's my buddy. MY MOM! I love her so much and the thought of being away from her is tearing me apart.

I can always count on her- to be silly with me, and can talk her into anything!! Ha! Ha! Like putting a god-awful hat on and take pics with me.

She's always taught me valuable lessons in life:
* Always act like a lady.
*Mind your manners.
*Never know when company is coming over..always have your house presentable.
*Having an animal is a privilege. Take care of it.
*Treat people as you would like to be treated...{*Mom, this doesn't always work...but, I will continue with this advice..}
*Never loan out:Your car,money,horse, or your husband {really! She always told me this!}
*Don't take crap from anybody!
I love you Mom. I'm gonna have to teach you to blog...


Miss Anne said…
Congrats on making the decision to take the next journey in your lives together.

I can't say I wont miss the heck out of you, but I know that you will never be more than a phone call, an email, a text, or a flight away.

I'm proud of you for doing what's best for your family.

No doubt that you will be missed from this area by your family and friends.

we ♥ you!
So as I am typing this I am crying my eyes out...
Not only am I crying cause it was a sweet blog about your mom....(great lessons!!)
But you are for sure moving. This makes me have mixed emotions. On one side (the good side of me) is so very very happy for you. This is a great opportunity and a chance you cant pass on for sure!! The other side (selfish side) is so sad..one of my most dearest closest most wonderful friends is moving. Not across town....nope like a bazillion miles away!
Ok so now I am done pouting....I love you guys... and am so very very excited and happy for you!!!
Anonymous said…
That was the sweetest blog EVER!!! :) I'm so happy for you two that you have made this decision and that you made it knowing its whats best for you. :) I'm sooo happy for you guys and I agree with Jill....one part of me is happy, and the other part is tearing up inside cuz I'm gonna miss you soooo unbelievably much....I'm gonna miss my Mongolian Grill partner, I'm gonna miss the one person that can make me laugh so hard that my cheeks hurt, I'm gonna miss the one person that really makes work enjoyable and fun, I'm even gonna miss laughing at you farting at work....hehe, but most of all I'm gonna miss you as a close close friend. I didn't get to know you and Daren for too long, but for as long as I did I'm so glad I got that time. You two are so special and everyone in Arkansas better watch out for the lil terror Jody True Who!!! :) You'll make lots of new friends Jody True!!!! I'll miss you!!!!!!!! Love ya girly!
Congratulations on an exciting new adventure!

What a great post about your mom as well....so sweet! She sounds like a wonderfully, smart woman!
Miss-happypants said…
I don't know what to say. I have such mixed emotions right now. I'm so proud of you guys for being willing to reach out to the opportunities presented to you. I'm envious; for this is going to be a wonderful adventure with so many new experiences. This is a new chapter in your life and I am happy for both of you. I'm going to miss you like you wouldn't believe!!! You have been a sunlight in my life and in my heart for 30 years! I love you girl!!!
*~! megs !~* said…
what a sweet post!!! you and your mom are too cute!!

and congrats on the upcoming move... exciting!!

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