.5.14.09.."Wax On?..Wax Off!!"

Okay..this is for the "Yettie the Betti's" out there in them parts!!!!
Okay....no secret. Majority of women wax.yes. This painful, ridiculous procedure is a very popular thing? Why? You must ask? Well, because....as I told the lady behind the counter as I went searching for this torture device.."I'm heading to an area where I don't want to be mixed up with a "Betti the Yettie" or a "she-Big Foot" ...as my poor husband slaps his head with palm of his hand.Yes, once again embarrassed.by me.his weird wife.
So I get home with this torture device and I plugged it in.for hours.and hours.read the manual..oh say about 90 times. over and over. hoping at one point it would be like a Harry Potter movie and the words would mysteriously change to "Don't do it!! Your an idiot! AHHH"
Well, nothing.
So, after about 4 hours of being plugged in..the Mr. comes and finds me and says " Umm Baby..I think your wax is ready" I say with my hands held to my face (hands ringing with sweat..) "I'm scared!!" So HE (let's get that straight...) said..."wanna practice on me?" I didn't realize I could hurdle a coffee table. This is good to know.
So I sit him down and I then ask.."where?" he said the hair between his eyes..okay.
So I followed the directions and did the rub in the direction of the hair growth..yadda.yadda...
Then, I said.."on the count of 3 I will rip it off"..he's bracing himself!!
I said..."One...{rip!}" His eyes got huge!!! And he hollered...not a spider holler...a "what the
F@%%" holler!
I think a wee piece of skin came off too. But it looks real nice! He had a red spot for the rest of the evening.. But then I did my eyebrows and wow! Good stuff!
But ladies..if ya get this..it's fun to do other people! Ha! Ha!


Miss Anne said…
i have the same pot!

what a trooper D is!
Cassie Cass said…
Thats hilarious Jod! I can't believe he let you do that! Maybe this weekend you can give me a good wax?!? Just my eyebrows though, k? I don't want you to get carried away!
Miss-happypants said…
lol!!! What a trooper he is! I love Daren! He gets right in and joins your adventures with you. That is so awesome!!!

I loved your wax machine by the way. My lip looks great. :) Thank you! Are you sure I don't need to pay for the wax??? lol

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