.5.11.09.."Happy {post} Mother's Day"

I really hope all my wonderful Blogger Beauties had a wonderful Mother's day!!
We headed down to see the Mr's Mom and my wonderful Mother -in-law :)
To those of you who don't have a nice mother -in-law....sorry. Too bad! I got the best one they make! I love my in laws so much!!! NOt only did I luck out with a wonderful man they raised..but I get the whole darn package..right now- picture me smiling, ear to ear, with eyes closed, and big teeth showing....got it?
But we had a real nice visit and just sat around and ate. and we ate.
I love the time I get a chance to spend with them and the whole family! :)
They {whom ever 'they' is....} should make a "Happy Family Day" no gifts. Just family getting together.So who do I contact, for such a request, to have this a holiday? Who is in charge? Do they have a "holiday' coordinator?
I need a name and number.
I need to make an appointment.


I love that you have great in laws....I do to!
I however did not get to see my mom or...my mom in law (RIP).
It was just me the Tayler and the Clair boys!
Miss-happypants said…
I'm glad to hear you had a wonderful mother's day. We did too. :)

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