.5.17.09.."My Buddies!"

Well, the caption on the pix says it all!!
Had a lil' get together with just a couple of my friends that also happen to be co-workers!
It was so nice to see and talk to everyone out of the "work setting".
They even trusted ME to wax them!...i guess they didn't see my blog..he! he!
But the Big Boss even stopped by and said Hi and even grabbed food to go!
But ALOT of singing went on and I was shocked on WHO had the talent! Lil' Miss Kris! You go girl! We were all very impressed lil' lady!
But I was told my blogs are too long.....blah, blah!
So I don't want to bore anybody to tears, so I'll end this now..
Thank you so much for all of you who showed up and I had alot of fun!!
We will do this again..sorry for the short notice, but the weather was weird all week and I didn't even know I was gonna do this til late Friday..even then I was sick...
Oh Gosh!! See? I can't stop tying..I just yak!


Anonymous said…
SUCH a blast!!!! :) :) I look like such an idiot!!! lol And I agree Kris Was GREAT!!! :) Thanks for having us Jody True Who!! I'm so glad we could make it!!! Love ya girly girl!!!
I know I had a fantastic time!!! Thanks for the fun night!
You don't do long blogs....I love reading them....Never listen to Nic!!! lol
I love you lady!!!
Seriously great time!
Miss-happypants said…
That was such a great night. Kenzi can't stop talking about it. She loves you guys so much...thinks you both are so funny! We had a blast! Thanks for the great night. Hopefully we can do one more before you leave.

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