.5.23.09.."Things are happenin' Fast!"

Is it on? Is it working? HEEELLLOOOOOOOO!!! :)
We roared with laughter on this pix! You could hear us ,throught -out da' plan!

Great nose hairs Jody! My LAND!

Alot going through his mind right now.....
But as you can tell...we made it home. Home a lil' earlier than scheduled. Things happened fast..as planned...and now we needed to get back to Oregon to get the ball rolling on things here.
Let's just say we need to be out and on the road to Arkansas no later than June 22...um..crap.that is is fast. I feel like the room is spinning. I have no idea where to start?Sooo many things to consider, organize, plan, so many things can't be done til the last minute...like a flippin' wedding!!!!!
But I do have a funny story for ya! Ha! Ha!......for those of you who feel like I talk alot, and have long-ass posts. Sorry.
But, okay we are on the plane coming home and "Verizon " has the phone impregnated in the seat in front of you..k? With me so far?
Well, me..I have to touch everything!!! So I reach over the Mr...and take the phone out...analyze it and go to slide it back in and it wouldn't go in! So I started pounding it in! Really hitting it hard! Not gently at this point...thinking to myself "What the..? It came out this way?! " So I took it out and try reloading this thing back in it's original thing-a-ma-jig! Then after a few moments of hitting it ....OOPpssss! The guys' head in front of me is bobbn' away as I'm hitting the back of his seat! He was getting irritated with me and The Mr. noticed this and finally came to this poor guys' rescue and grabbed the phone from me...at this point I realized what I've been doing and cupped my hands around my mouth and my eyes got huge and I blurted out with laughter !!! BBBAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH!!!! Through-out the plan! There was a witch on da' plane!! I was cackling so hard I was snorting!!! I could not believe I did that! The poor guy in front of me just sat there and endured this hitting of his seat and his head was like a lil' bobble head! My gosh people...I'm still laughing...originally I would say I'm sorry...but, I was laughing so hard. I really don't think he would have thought I was sincere...The Mr. was cracking up real hard too.
So, my Mr. took the phone and "GENTLY" snapped it in place and looked at me and said...
"Your gonna blog about this ,huh?"
In which...made me laugh even harder..he knows me so well. :)


Miss Anne said…
welcome home mama!
glad it was a good trip, and that you're confident about your decision. i will miss you dearly, but am excited for you to start your new journey!

LOL @ your flight home, you crazy gal.

Anonymous said…
Dr. Braat was right!! This morning at work he asked both me and Mindy if we knew if you guys were home already cuz he drove by your place at like 3 am and saw your truck there.... (yes I guess he's been spying!) lol Wow you did get back earlier than planned! I'm glad you made it back safely!!! I missed my Jody True Who and I'm gonna be missin you some more here real soon. :( I'm SOOO unbelievably happy and excited for you two though!!! I wish you the best of luck!!!
And that POOR Man sitting in front of you!!!!!!!!!!! HAHAHAHAH I can TOTALLY picture that happening!! Geeze....You are SUCH a crack up....Im gonna miss your ridiculousness! :) And yes that is a word. :) Cant wait to see you again and hear all your stories! We should go out to eat or something! When you have time of course cuz I know you're gonna be busy... :/
annette said…
How come even in our short time together.. I can totally see the whole thing!!!!! Yeah, we're gonna end up in trouble..I can see it now! Hugs!
Miss-happypants said…
hahah, I loved hearing your story first hand. It was hillarious and like the others I can so see you doing hitting that poor man's seat! hahahhahahhahaha
Oh I am laughing so hard. It is an adventure every place you go isnt it Jod. You are lucky the guy didnt turn around and slap ya silly...lol
I am glad you made it home. Cant wait to see you.

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