.5.12.09.." Yeah-er!"

It turned out to be a great day for my Mr!!
He received this in the mail yesterday, along with another "coin"....he was so happy and beamed with pride as he looked at his flag.
For his time and tour in Iraq, he was sent this flag with his name on it.
I'm soooo proud of him and so happy he made it home safe!
See? God does answer prayers...Amen.


yours truly... said…
What a blessing!! This makes my heart happy for your sweet family and for all your husband has done for our country!! So awesome!!

Hope you have a great day sweet lady!!
Ok I agree on that one! Amen!!
Congrats MR. D. You deserve that frag and more!
Thank you to you and all the other men and women that help protect us all!
Yes, God does indeed answer prayers! I'm glad your hubby made it back safely. I am so thankful to your family for your willingness to serve our country!

Thanks for stopping by my blog. :) Arkansas is a beautiful state (despite all of the humidity ;)!n Where at are ya'll moving?
How awesome! Super thanks to you both for the sacrifices you made!
Miss Anne said…
Congrats to Daren!

I'm so proud of him!

and I'm glad he's home.


God bless those that have served, are serving, and have dedicated their lives to serving.

Miss-happypants said…
That is soooo awesome! I'm happy to see they recognize the guys and gals that protect our country! I'm so happy Daren is home. Now we have to pray for my cousin and all the others that was shipped out to Iraq last Friday. God bless them all!!!

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