.5.19.09.." Good Day Mate!"

Thank you Miss Netti for such a wonderful tour of this beautiful area!
This woman is amazing! She has such a wonderful heart and the best stories!
She even takes pics to back up her stories..my new friend.I love it!

Talk about a great Day! I saw sooo much of this area and I absolutely *LOVE* it here!
Thank you again Netti!


woo hoo - Arkansas is SO beautiful. I love it! :) I tried placing the location through some of the pictures and can't. I have a few ideas in mind though. Hope you enjoy your new state!
Miss Anne said…
:) Your time looks like it's been well spent and alot of fun!

Miss-happypants said…
What a beautiful little town! Looks like a historic little place. Can't wait to see it in person.
annette said…
Your all to kind! You make me sound magic! LOL It was totally my pleasure to be your guide..and will be my pleasure to be your friend! I can't wait!!! I know you'll have some hard days.. so don't be afraid to let me know if I can help. Love ya!!

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