.5.7.09...."Great weekend!"

Okay..sorry so late people!!!
Been crazy busy and soooo tired!
But "Nationals" weekend was wonderful! I finally got to catch up with the wonderful ladies that I've started scrappin' with since day 1 !!!! This store -where I frequent alot!- are just awesome!! ..that is such a tacky word, but I love using it..I just think of "Bill and Ted's excellent adventure" whenever I say it!! Like Awesome Dude!!! Hang ten...
But these ladies are so welcoming and so inviting! They make you feel at home and family..Love them! Love scrappin' with them!
Okay in this picture.....{oh boy..} For those of you who don't know me....Ya see here...I have a little problem called..gas. I fart alot. alot. alot. I mean, alot...My buddies at work think that I may have a medical problem goin' on here, cuz it's..well, all the time! Act-Tivia!!! Ha!Ha!
So in this picture I was posing for the clock I just made and I just tooted at the same time and my friend Jillian was laughing and choking at the same time and meanwhile I was marinating in it....yip. That's just real nice..
But this was my work space..not enough room for my taste, but ya got -what ya got- to work with!!!Ha! Ha! I loooove alot of room!!I have to have everything in it's order and placed whre I can find it...hard to do..
But it was a great outcome and I think for those of you who don't do this lil' hobby...try it!! You'll love it and it's relaxing!
But I had a great weekend with my friends and I can't wait for next year!!


yours truly... said…
OH. MY. GOSH! Lady, you are the one making me laugh!!! LOL!! that tooting picture is priceless!!

Hope you have another great weekend!!!
Anonymous said…
Oh my gosh Jody True!!! That picture of you holding that GORGEOUS clock was HILARIOUS!!! I knew before I even read it that you had, or needed to fart! lol You're such a crack up!!! I'm glad you had a great time!!!!
Miss Anne said…
Had a great weekend with you too... but ummm.. you picked the WORST pic of me!!! what the heck?

LOL @ your tooting!
Miss-happypants said…
hahaha, I love your face there. So you...everytime you do something wrong. :)

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