.5.18.09" Touchdown! Welcome to Arkansas!"

Hi There!! We made it..finally here.
This is a really cute and nice town!
As well as some of you don't know..my hubby and I are checking out this place {Hot Springs, AR} as our new HOME!!
So we got in for a loooong flight....tired and hungry.
Ate at the this cute lil' place.."Cracker Barrel". The Mr. loves this place! When he came home from his trip from Ar last, he promised to take me here..
But I have to say..I really like it so far..I know we've only landed...and saw a lil' of the town so far..but I love the atmosphere and people! I love to hear them talk!! Love it!!

So we then all met up and had dinner at a Japanese restaurant...where the food is prepared in front of you! Oh cool.....I was impressed! Our first time to one of these..since the Mr. IS NOT a fan of seafood.. oh well !! More for me! :)
But I'm excited! While the Mr. has to work I get to go and play around town tomorrow and go see some things...
I'll take pics and blog daily...I'll try real hard! That's why I lugged this thing from Oregon to here! Just so I can keep up with my blogger buds...ya know...I just may blog twice a day! yeeeaaaaa.....how does that sound?


Anonymous said…
YAY!!!! I'm glad you like it so far and things are going well!! I miss you back here in good ol Oregon!! Lol I hope you come back with an accent after being there for a week and a half!!! heheh Take lots of pics! :)But I dont need to tell you that....:) Tell your hubby hi!!! Love and miss ya girly!!
Miss Anne said…
oh my goodness! i didnt realize you already went for your visit!!!

looks like a blast!

yes, the cracker barrel is some down home cooking! i bet daren loves it!

the sushi looks amazing too!

can't wait to read your blog updates!
Miss-happypants said…
I love the pic with all of the chairs lined up. I love sittin on the porch people watching...such fun. The restaurant looks like the Japanese place in Corvallis. We should go there for dinner on the 30th. It's sooo so yummy!!! They have steak and chicken Daren. :) No seafood for me either!

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