.5.28.09.."I do..."

Okay..if I were to ever get remarried in my next life.
I'm gonna marry these lil' boogers..
OH MY Gosh!
These could have not been named any better!
These wonderful "lil' slices of heaven" will satisfy your every lil cravin'! UUUMMMMMMM!
I guarantee if you like cashews and coconuts....you'll simply may just want to take these to bed with you.no kiddin'.so you don't have to share of course....
But I found these @ costco {"sam's club" in some areas} and it's been love at first sight...
I can see it now!
I pronounce you: "Nut and Wife"
You may eat the nut.
Okay. Ummmmmmmmmm :)


Miss Anne said…
crazy gal!

I love my almonds, so i understand the affair with nuts!
yours truly... said…
OH MY! Why did you post this? Why did you do this to me? I am going to marry them too...I haven't even tried them but it just sounds like heaven in my mouth!! YUM!!!

Hope you are getting all packed up!! So exciting!!!
Anonymous said…
You're the biggest goober Jody True! You do love your nuts. ;) hehe
LOL nope the nut case is gonna marry the nut!!! lol
You are hysterical!
Dang now I have to try them...

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