.5.17.09.."Awesome..I got tagged!"

Yeah-er! I got tagged! You know what that means don't cha?
I get to do a long blog entry! HA! HA!!
Okay, my sweet lil' blogger buddy-*Perfectly Imperfect* tagged me to do this..
1} List 7 awesome things about me...{oh boy...}
2} Tagged 7 of my awesome lil' blogger buddies..and let them know..
3} Link this back to whom tagged me!
Okay, first of all. the awesome blogger who tagged me ...her and our list is alot alike! I was like "Whoa there lil' miss!!!"
1} I CAN tell what my dog is thinking and what she wants..really! I can!
2} My *love* for my husband is unconditional. I trust him w/ everything and in my eyes there is "no better" ..I got it. I don't ever want to change him! I love him for who and what he is...
3} I'm a very dedicated person...it takes me ALOT to change something. I get my fuel @ the same place{unless I'm traveling..}, my same hair lady, tanned @ the same salon for 10 years, worked @ the same place for..allotta years, same car...allotta years, same friends...you get the picture, right?
4} I speak my mind...not sure if this is awe-suum, but so far it hasn't got me in THAT deep of hot water! My closest buddies/co-workers know I don't 'hand-out' compliments or anything...if I don't like you. I just don't like you. No fake-ness..no time. But if I love you..you make me smile and I'll tell ya!! :)
5} Very self-efficient...I'll try and try to do things myself ,before I ask for help...I'll explore my options and do research first!
6} I love DEEPLY!! When I love my friends and family.that's it.they are my life. No matter where I go in life..they will always be in my heart.
7} I think I'm funny. I love to make people laugh. I love to shock people. Making a stranger smile brightens my day! Especially if I see they are having a bad day...turn that frown upside down!! Ha! Ha!
Now these are the Awe-suuum women whom I'm tagging now..why? Because I just *heart* them!!
Miss Happypants
Miss PrettyinPink
Miss Anne
Southern Bride
Yours Truely
Hello Cupcake
Miss Roxanne


Miss Anne said…
thanks for the tag! :)
Awe, thank you!!! :) Love your list!
*~! megs !~* said…
ohmygosh. I want you to live by me so we can hang out all the time!!! I also get the "brutally honest" comment all the time. I have no time to be fake! I always say "I am not an actress!!" if I don't like you you'll know it!! And I am so freakin' loyal and love so much to those that deserve it!! Loved this list!!
Miss-happypants said…
You're right you are awesome for all of those reasons and more!

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