.9.28.09.."Who ya Gonna Call?? "

This was soooo much fun!
We headed out to Eureka Springs,Ar and stayed at the Crescent Hotel where "Taps: The ghost Hunters" (season 2/episode 2...we end up buying that episode..)
was filmed..and guess what my lil' chickies????? Some un-explained was found there!! EEKKK!!
Unfortunately, nothing exciting like that happened with us....only 584 pictures later..
But!!! I did take 2 bananas from the wonderful breakfast buffet for later snacks and I didn't remember eating one!! And I know I put it in my purse?....Um?????
So this bugged me in the middle of the night and I woke the Mr. up...it went like this:
Me: "Psst..Baby..Baby...You awake..?"

Mr: "Grumble, grumble....Hmmmmm???" (eyes glued shut still)

Me: "I took 2 bananas from the buffet, huh?"

Mr: "Ugh, huh, you did.."

Me:"Where did the other one go? I don't think I ate it! What do think happened to it?!!"
(my voice very excited at this moment, like we were gonna discover something together!!)

Mr: "You ate them on the trolley.."

Me: "Oh"

So, that brings me to our trip downtown -lil'- cute- Eureka Springs!
It poured! I wore my fuzzy boots, skirt, and short sleeve and I was sooo warm.
I heart my fuzzy boots :) But the weather was soooo warm out!
The lil' roads were so adorable...we end up taking the trolley ever where and it added to the ambiance of the whole weekend! The cutest stores with the cutest things ever!
I didn't really want to shop, not in the mood. Found a couple lil' things, but just wanted to see everything!!

The grounds of the hotel were very beautiful....the history was very eerie...taking the tour late at night added to the whole creepy thing...

On our way out of town we headed to "Cosmic Caves" and I have never been in a cave before and it was stunning!
I'm a lil' (okay, alot) claustrophobic and I was happy to get out of there...my Mr. LOVED it..

That's all folks!!
Have a great day!
If your ever in this area, Eureka Springs is a must see town. It takes you to another Era and time...very nice :)


Llama said…
YOU ARE SO BRAVE!!! I dont think i could have ever fallen asleep that is so crazy! The place looks beautiful but if i knew what you did about it i dont know if i could have stayed there!!
Anonymous said…
"Where's the other banana?" Hhahah - perhaps ghosts like bananas? Eureka Springs looks pretty sweet!
Meg said…
Looks like ya'll had a blast! :D
Way cool. LOL Seems like you were a little disappointed that you ate your own bananas...>LOL Way cool pics.
The banana story is hilarious! We did a ghost tour in our home town and didnt see any either! =(
Looks like such a fun trip!! You looked adorable too!
Iva said…
WOW!! Looks like you had a SPECTACULAR time!! Have a great Monday :)
How fun! It looks like a great little weekend trip! I'll have to put Eureka Springs on the "To Visit" list! I just thought I'd let you know that I'm placing a Silpada order today so if you've been to the website and found something you just couldn't live w/o e-mail me at cassirash@gmail.com. Have a fabulous day!
Anonymous said…
haha funny story to bad u didnt see anything lame,,iam in luv with ur boots by the way:)i have a boot prob lol,,hugs tami
Ian & Jess said…
Oooo - Creepy. That place looks pretty cool. Hubby and I are going to spend a night at the Stanley Hotel where the Shining was filmed here soon. BOO!!!! Happy Haunting :)
Don't worry about not experiencing anything creepy--nothing like that ever happens to me either. As for the caves, think of them as an interior decorators dream come true--a bit of paint, a couple of throw pillows--oh the things you can do with those caves!
What a cute way to capture all your pictures!!
Jen~nae said…
OH MY GOSH!!! That banana story had me freakin LAUGHING!! I needed that this morning! lol Aw man! I'm still laughing about that one! haha That place looks freakin creepy! kudos to you and Daren for being able to stay there! I don't think I could do it!!! Looks like it was a fun time though! :)
mrs shortcake said…
What a beautiful hotel! I love doing ghost tours, as well!
Kristin said…
Wow, that looks like a gorgeous place but, eeeeeeeeek!
Anonymous said…
hi! Just left you a little something on my blog! = )
Okay, y'all are so stinkin' fun!!!

Love all of these pics! :)
Miss-happypants said…
hahahahahah, I love that you woke up Daren just to ask about your banana! Too funny! I can totally hear that conversation! That hotel would be cool to stay in. I would want to creep around in the middle of the night and see if you could hear anything...lol. Daren..I love the caves too...so fun!
Miss-happypants said…
OHHHH!!! And I forgot to say...LOVE THE OUTFIT!!!! You look so darn CUTE!!! :) Miss ya sweetie.

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