11.29.09..."We met Clark Griswald's Match!!"

So, what a great thing to do on a beautiful night. ..go look at Christmas lights!
Alot of ooooooo-ing and aw-ing going on! You can't help but walk around with a HUGE smile on your face! Christmas lights just brighten up your-everything. So beautiful!!
Here in Hot Springs there is a beautiful HUGE garden that is decorated with MILLIONS and MILLIONS of lights!
You go over a lil' hill and BaM! More lights! The old-er people had golf carts!
So jealous...
But you walk along the path and it goes on and on.
You just admire all the hard work and pray that your not the one taking them down...
There were paths you walk along, but you just walk anywhere and everywhere!
The pond was decorated and just stunning. With swans and fish all lighted up. beautiful. :)

It took us at least 2 hours to walk through everything. We actually hurried along cuz they were closing and we wanted to see as much as possible...we shall return and really go slow and enjoy it. Think 2 hours were enough time, huh? Uh.no.

I Have never seen anything like this.
Clark Griswald.
Dude, you've got competition.

This is Amaz.ING!!
All Glass.
Alot of weddings take place here....so beautiful here.
So, after our fun trip to the Griswald's Paradise....He! He!
We headed to Chili's to top the night off with the 2 for $20.00....best part?
The Paradise Pie!!!!

So, I asked the Mr. to wait to eat it so I can get a pix...I hear clanging of the fork and a HUGE piece missing. I turned it around, so I could get a pix.
He was soooo busted!


Ian & Jess said…
Oh wow - I love going to look at x-mas lights. I knew a girl that got married in that all-glass chapel. Too pretty.
Blair said…
the lights look so beautiful. we are going to look at lights this weekend and i am so excited!
hope you had a great holiday!
Brown Girl said…
I love looking at christmas lights, that's so fun! The paradise pie at chili's is amazing, I'm kind of jealous that you got some!!!
Ashley Pizarro said…
The lights are beautiful! We just put up our lights tonight outside! I wish more people in our neighborhood put up lights...I love to just drive around and look at them! Too pretty! :) And yay for dessert time! I bet that was the best part!
The lights are great and I don't think 2 hours is enough considering all the work involved. In so far as the pie goes, I probably would have done the same thing. I have heard of the glass chapel but have never seen it--thanks for the picture.
Crystal Rae said…
I used to love driving around with my mom and my brothers looking at christmas lights. :P

•• You do the heart thing by putting
& hearts ;

but minus the spaces.

How fun!!!! Love the pictures.

And I want to try this pie! It sounds fabulous!!! :)
Anonymous said…
wow i luv the chapel,,snd that dessert looks so not low calorie:) lol tami
Lindsey said…
The lights look great!!
Tiffany said…
So fun! Those lights are gorgeous and that glass chapel....amazing!
Pretty lights!
girl i wouldn't have been able to wait to eat that either!!!

love the christmas lights! that display is AMAZING!
Cara S. said…
I love the 2 for $20 deal at Chili's!!! My favortire way to end a night. So glad you brought your camera and took shots of all those lights! They are all glorious :)
Llama said…
Oh my I can't believe you have a place like that near you! I am super jealous! I swear just last night i was telling my b/f that i want to see cool xmas lights...like the griswald's ya know?!? and look at you girl! luck duck! ill just have to oohh and ahh over your pics for now....
Jenn said…
The pics are cute! I love Christmas lights.
Miss-happypants said…
Wow!!! The glass chapel and lights are beautiful. Wouldn't want to have to run from one room to another in that place naked. haha

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