6.26.09.."Are we There yet?..."

Whoa there! first of all...how can a girl travel without her toenails being painted pretty?

Because we all know when it comes to a road trip...hours in the car. We really don't look all that pretty...no make-up..hair is..well. It's hair okay....But! We can always depend on having pretty toe nails! La-de-da!
I owe these to my Lil' sister...she is a nail tech. and did a fabulous job before I left on our road trip! She did a remarkable job! :)
But to our family and friends and blogging buddies...I will comment on others blogs( I promise) and post more soon.
So far we have traveled over 1,430 or so miles since yesturday morning...we are tired...ZZZzzzzzz.... we still have under 1,000 or so more to go..
So toodles for now and chat more soon! :)

P.s.....okay, AFTER I posted this pix...I looked at it.I have ugly a*s feet! My Land! I look like I have arthritis in them there toes! Yuk! I can't believe I put that pix on there...I'm sorry. I apolagize if this offends anyone. I am.
Oh by the way. Yes, these HUGE deformed looking things do fit in a size 14 shoe! Well, okay not really...but c'mon.


Miss Anne said…
love your toes!
where's your sister doing it???

safest travels to you guys!
i've had you on my mind and in my prayers!

love and miss you already!
The New Black said…
Those are cute toes! Last time I had a pedicure the gal next to me was getting daisies on hers and they were really cute too. I thnk I might get a little something extra next time I get mine done.

And as far as I am concerned...the passenger seat is the best place to be in a road trip! :)
If your sister did them before the trip, great job! If she did them while Darren was driving, HOW? In any case, your nails turned out great.

Stay safe--I'm not the only one watching you!
Jen~nae said…
Your feet are NOT ugly silly goose! They're cute! and your toes are cute!!! :) :)
LOVE the toes!!! Cute little dots!!
pink33 said…
haha wow nice toes,,

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