6.27.09.." On the road Again! I just can't wait to get on the road again! "

Here are some quick pics from our trip!

Me being silly :)

This is Denver, Co. Very beautiful area! Wouldn't want to live here, however visiting would be nice!!

You know Les and I! We meet and talk to anyone :)
We met these bicyclists (Kendall and Rachel) in Wyoming..somewhere @ some rest stop. These two are riding their bikes across country! They have been on the road for 5 weeks now and heading Virginia! They started in Seattle. Nope. Not for me! However we got the blogs of these two and found more blogging buddies! Amazing they are! The guy-Kendall, never owned a bike before and bought his first bike for this trip! EEEKKK!!! Can you say SORE!!!!!!
Great people!

Still, somewhere in Denver! :)

Utah..was okay....NO ONE around.....


At our last rest stop in Idaho. NO! Kelly is not starting to poop! She already did, almost on Les's shoe! Ha! Ha!

YaY! Wyoming!!

Our traveling buddies! :) They are hanging in there and doing great!
P.s...sorry these pics aren't in order! E-Blogger won't let me put in certain pics! Kept turning them sideways. GRRRRRRRRrrrrrrrrr.......
But we have a set of walkie-talkie and talking back and forth which is awesome! We have call names!
Les: Happy Pants
Kenz: Monkey Business
The Mr: The Mr.
Miss Jody: Fancy Pants
Toodles for now!


Meg said…
Wasn't Colorado beautiful! :D I enjoyed visiting there last summer.

Looks like ya'll are having fun in spite of the stress of traveling. Hope the rest of the mile pass quickly!
When you have this long of a road trip, everyone is allowed to by silly, even the doggies and kitties. Be silly long and prosper in your journey. Okay, I know I'm paraphrasing Spock, but hey, I mean it.
Jen~nae said…
Neat Pix! :) I'm SOOO jealous! Wish I could be there totally! I'm happy that Les and her daughter could go though! :) Keep on driving safe!!!! Love ya girly girl!
Anonymous said…
We're having a blast! only problem with Kelly almost pooping on my shoe is that I wasn't wearing shoes...I was wearing flip flops! Gross Kel!!! hahhaa
Man, who needs coffee? I just look at your comments and get my high for the day! You always leave me the sweetest stuff; THANK YOU!! So glad you are having a great time. I loveeee TX and Colorado! And your white skirt is adorable! Stopping in PA? Let me know!
roger roger ten four! Looks like you are having a good time! I miss you all!
Mrs. Nurse said…
Love the traveling pictures :)
Looks like a fun road trip!! :)

Safe travels!

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