6.27.09.."Happy Birthday Mr!!!!"

Happy Birthday My Love!!
Yes we are still on the road, however it's the Mr's Birthday today! :)
My birthday wish for him:
****The roads are nice and soft for his driving pleasure..(**** while I was taking a nap..all I heard was ..."Stupid gosh darn roads! No town or state has enough money to have decent roads! Bleep! Bleep! Bleep!, etc......" he cussed and cursed about every states' road or highway!)
****That all rest stops you wanna stop at today...has no one there! But us..(****again. All I heard the whole time when we entered a rest stop.."What?! Is there a convention going on or something?! Every body's here!"..yeah, he's not much for crowds...yip.)
****Gas prices are waaaaaaaay down for you today..(*** well, I guess I don't have to go there! We all get upset over that one!)
Don't get me wrong..he's the sweetest man ever! He complains or rants about something and he turns it all into something hilarious! He goes on and on and then just turns it all upside down until in your in stitches, from laughing!
I hope you have a great day Baby!! :)


HAPPY BIRTHDAY BIG GUY!!!! I'm sure you would prefer to do something else, but you will get the chance after you arrive. Have a great day!!
Anonymous said…
Happy late B/D wish. It's good to see you two doing so good traveling. I drove all over the U.S. for over thirty years. I do not envey you.
Jody, About your feet.... don't worry about it. Mine look as though I have been kicking a cement wall with bare feet.
Good luck kids.......
Jen~nae said…
HAPPY BDAY TO DAREN!!!! HAPPY BDAY TO DAREN!!!!!!! and I can SOOO imagine hearing him complaining like that! SUCH a crack up!!! I'm glad you guys are having fun!!!
Cassie Cass said…
We miss you Jody! Hope you have a fabulous road trip! Drive safe!
My gift to you is all the stupid drivers out there....lol hope they stay out of your way!!!!
Hugs to you!!

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