.6.17.09." Ummm..... Excuse me? Have you seen my Mr?...."

This is what a wig and false teeth do to a person! Ekkkkkkkkk!!!!
This does not look like my husband at all!! He does not look like the same person...
It actually freaked me out.
On his last day, of work his co-workers got this lil' get up for him.
Definitely goes in the Halloween Box. ..

He's such a good sport about things like this! :)


Shannon said…
hahaha..your blog always makes my day! :) Love this post. You have a very good sport ;)
Miss Anne said…
he's such a great guy!

love the "look" :)
Jen~nae said…
HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA That is GREAT!!!!!!! He is hilarious! Man! Not too many people would let you dress them like that....and then take pictures of it.....AND then BLOG about it for the world to see!!!! lol So good job and good sport Daren! :) And Jody.....GREAT job blogging it!!! Haha

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