6.9.09.."New Follower!"

Okay Ladies!
I've convinced my real good friend to Blog! I've talked it up and told her all about you wonderful ladies!!

I don't know how to put her blog address on her and have a direct link, like ya all do!
But if you go to my followers list and go to "jenny_booth21"{Jen-nae"is her nickname. This is from the "Forrest Gump" movie...it has stuck since...alot of people call her this!!}

You won't be disappointed! She's so sweet and a VIRGIN BLOGGER!!!!! ....Yes. I know!
She will soon be addicted like the rest of us...:)
Toodles, Jody


Jen~nae said…
You're a goober!!!! lol So so so silly! :) I hope I don't disappoint now! AH!!!!
Miss-happypants said…
Yeahhh to Jen=nae!!! Hopefully she is better at it than me. :)

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