.6.13.09.."...I'm gonna trust, that your not gonna let your dog bite me?........"

This is Dr. B and I.... He had a dozen of roses sent to work with a nice note attached. He really has an a amazing heart! This is probably...THE hardest working man I have EVER met in my life and probably will ever meet. I wish he would slow down and enjoy life. But he loves what he does so why quit?! I heard him say this 104,567,234 times so far....
I knew this man like the back of my hand. What he was thinking.now.then.yesturday...

Well, today { yesturday, technically....}.sadly. Was my last 'hoorah' at Linn. Vet.
This is my Boss/Friend for more than the last 10 years. {He's pictured with my good friend Jen-nae} This man, has seen me go through some bad stuff. Good times. Tough times. And I always talked to him about it.
When my husband was in Iraq, he was sooo good to me and wanted to fly me to go see him!! Lol! I let him know that was a lil' impossible, but I thanked him.
He has done so much for me as a friend and a boss. I have LEARNED so much about life, myself, and how to stick up for myself! Lol! I tried hard to repay him back, by always being dependable.

I appreciated him for giving me a chance, and trusting in me to be good enough to work by his side. Thank You Dr. B!!

Dr. D and the gal who replaced me. I think she'll do a good job. :)

MY Cassie-Cass!! I call her this....but, not her real name! {clearing throat!!}

Us being silly...I always encouraged this behavior! Make the work-day better!

I drove into this....alot of days.....thinking..."Ugh! Not Anooooooother day......"

But I will miss this place. I grew up here.

Okay, this photo is funny!! See the girl with the blue shirt on? In the middle..{lil' cute thing!}

After this was taken...I noticed.."looks like she's posing for the 'Playtex' bra commercial!!"

I was laughing!! Ha! Ha!

The silly Girls!

Now, this is depressing.....The two beautiful redheads on the right...have the most beautiful red hair you've ever seen!!

But I have seen these two beautiful ladies grow up, get pregnant, go THROUGH the pregnancies, Have their gorgeous lil' boys and.....wow...amazing mommies!

These two will be greatly missed.

Oh Yes! Hi Antique!! Ha! Ha! My boss always called our office manager this...she's pictured on the left! :)

But it was a great run and off to my next adventure!! Yeee-haw!!!


I won't let any dogs bite you but my cats may have a difference of opinion--they're not exactly thrilled about you leaving. Oh well!! Thanks a bunch for being my friend and for helping me out over the past couple of months. Means a lot. Enjoy your adventure in Arkansas and come back for frequent visits.
Cassie Cass said…
Wow Jody! I am going to miss you sooooooo much! You are such an awesome person and I have loved working with you! I cannot believe the day has come where I am going to come to work and you wont be there.....:( You are going to be greatly missed but I know you are going to be very happy where you are going. We HAVE to keep in touch. I will keep following your blog so make sure to keep everyone updated on your life. Work just wont be the same without you.....you have made me laugh so many times!! Love ya Jody!!
Miss Anne said…

I will say it again... i'm so proud of you and the journey you are about to take.

I love ya!
Jen~nae said…
OH MY FREAKIN LORD!!!!!!! How about you erase ALL of the pics of me!!! GAH!!!!! Terrible!!!! You look cute as always! :) Lordy lord....I cant get over myself...Anyway! Sweet lil blog missy. You will be terribly missed at good ol Linn Vet. You were an amazing co-worker! Can't ever get better than Jody True! You notice how a certain annoying useless co-worker isn't in any pics??!! hehe And NOOO I do NOT mean Mindy!!!!!!!! She's AMAZING and I wish she had been there on Friday. :( I love ya girly Jod!
Jen~nae said…
oh.....and I don't get the title...lol I was expecting there to be a dog....that was about to bite you..... Well. Maybe I'll get it by tomorrow. :)
Anonymous said…
Though I have not been at Linn Vet long I have grown quite fond of you! It was nice to work with someone who knows how it feels when their loved one is gone, never worked with anyone in that situation befor. I will miss you. Hope you have amazing adventures and blog about them.
P.S. I wasnt posing the door made it hard to face forward like everyone else! lol
Robbie said…
Hey - thanks for taking care of my little sis. In case you couldn't tell, you've meant the world to her! She'll really miss you, but I think we both know she'll do great. Have a safe trip to AK!

P.S. You made me laugh way too loud at your ... caffeine ... issue at the park. I think I startled somone outside my window.
Jen~nae said…
And you know....might I add....that Dr.B didnt have to stand on a scale AND on his tiptoes to be taller than you??? He just is already! hehe
Oh Jody what a great blog! Good pictures.
Hmmm what to say....you are leaving the place where we met....it is kinda sad!
You got pretty flowers!! awww how sweet.
You will be missed there for sure!!!

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