.6.9.09.." Weekend Recap!! Phew!..."

I got the great chance to see my older brother {on the left}....with our busy lives..it's hard to catch up! My niece's husband{ on the right}...what would he be to me. Besides..family? Name for it?

My Little sis, with her new man in her life... he's a very nice young man and treats my sister like a princess :) I approve...

My two good friends came over to my sisters house with me {one on each side of me...} and my sweet older sister! Yay!!! It was so nice to see her :)

Now, this is the reason for the "get-together"...My "Sweetie-of-a-sister"'s Birthday!! Yay!!
She turned to big FIVE - OOOOOOO!!!! :) She was a princess for the day..as far as I'm concerned, she's always a princess to me. I love you my Peg-A Leg!! :)

Started the wonderful day with a nice, relaxing crop with "The Girls". We scrapped and just relaxed. I don't think anybody got a lot done, but some.
I just wanted to be around them. I love and adore them so much. We've had some good times together. A lot of laughs!! I'm sure gonna miss them.
Thank you Anne for letting us hang out there for the day :)

And last, but not least!!!
Yay! I got to see an old friend of mine I haven't seen in years!! It was so nice to see him!
This is a great picture...cuz we all went to grade school together and in our graduation class. It was us three then too.
I really missed you Mr. T. It was great to see you!
Over all, a great weekend.

P.s..I'm wearing the same clothes...all this in ONE day...ummm....


Miss Anne said…
It was so great to have seen you Saturday... even if all we did was take a nap and watch a movie... lol!

Mrs. Nurse said…
your hair always looks so wonderful :)
Jen~nae said…
Jody True Who! What a busy day! Holy cow! Thats so sweet that you guys got to hang out as a family for your sisters bday! So sweet! :) This may sound like a beginner blogger question....lol but how are you able to write text in between each picture? I guess I haven't figured that out yet....do you put a pic in and then type, and then put another pic and type more etc etc?? Lol you'll probably get lots more questions like that from me. :) You'll be my blog mom as well as my mom at work. hehe oh and by the way, no no no I'm not a weird Star Trek fan that goes to the big get togethers dressed up as an alien....I am just a big fan of the new movie Star Trek. It's just a plain ol good movie. :) Anywho, I hope you have a wonderful rest of your night, and yes I am the new long ass bloggers you'll ever see! haha I can't just ever write a little bit....always rambling. :) Welp! Tata Jody True Who! Love ya!
It was a blast! I had a great day...even though I had a headache.
I had a great time meeting your family. Eating ribs!!!! Oh my YUMMY!!!
*~! megs !~* said…
wow! you sure did have a busy day!!
Miss-happypants said…
It was a great day! It was great seeing the girls, tha family and T.

I'm sure gonna miss you girl.

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