6.27.09.."Almost there?..."

Thanks to E-Blogger, I post pix in a weird order...so here are some pix from today!:)

This is where we are currently staying the night. Amarillo, Tx. After checking in...news flash! Flash Flood! EEK! Very warm here and raining...very nice. You won't be cold though!

These are our communicating devices...they are fabulous! We chit chat back and forth, warn each other of crazy stuff going on up ahead, let each other know when we have to pee!! Great lil' things!

Yay! For Texas, I like this state.

Booooooo!! for New Mexico..not a fan! All for us couldn't wait to get out of here!

"Are we there yet?"

Our lil' troopers! They are just hanging in there, cruising right along. I believe they are enjoying themselves! "Monkey Business" is playing the license plate game, playing her game boy, and texting...she's growing up so fast!

The Mr.'s Birthday Jerky! Les bought him a gift at one of our truck stops, isn't that sweet?!!
He displays it so proudly..he's thinking: "Okay you guys..take the picture..people are staring at us.."

Okay I have major OCD...not a secret. With OCD, the SMALLEST detail can drive you insane!
We leave this morning from our Colorado Springs hotel and walking out I noticed the dust caps came off one of the trailer tires...so I said something " Ummm...hey baby..this one doesn't look right? It's not matching the others"
The Mr: "Oh my gosh, thank you. We have to get that fixed before we go any further.."
I followed him with my back towards him as he was walking off...waiting for a pat on the back..nothing.nada.he didn't notice..

The Mr and I at the auto parts store.
He thought it was all fixed and went to pull out and Happypants behind us noticed it flew off again...I threw out the package {Duh! To clean up..it's what I do...} and we had to go and dig through the garbage for the package to return it and get another....
But the thing is: I told him, "This is God's way of stalling us. There is a reason for everything!We will take this as a sign..." he agreed! :)

Very beautiful part of the country..Colorado is amazing!

Well, tomorrow we should be reaching our destination...phew! Everything as gone as planned and even better as planned. Couldn't be better...Let's hope tomorrow is just as good!


Every trip has it's ups and downs. The good news is: It sounds like everyone is in good spirits. Hey Darren, enjoy your birthday present!! Hey Jody, the present is for him not for you even though the jerky looks, tastes and smells delicious.
Jen~nae said…
Ok....I don't get it. :) Yes....I'm a lil drunk....so that doesn't help...but I didn't get the hubcap thing.....Lol I miss you already... :( miss you too much....I don't wanna think about it.... :( I'm glad you guys are almost done with your journey! I just hope you make it safely!!!! I hope Daren's Bday was a good one!!! I did just text you a drunken thing and I'm sure you're trying to sleep so sorry in advance.... :( I love you and I hope you're good!!!!!!!!!
Meg said…
Hope the trip is going well! ;) My SIL is from Colorado Springs. It's a beautiful town! :D
Lindsey said…
Aww cute pics! Gotta love road trips!
You are a nut. Hey I am glad for the most part your trip has been very good. Glad you drove out of Texas rather than swim out....lol
Hey call me later and let me know how you like your new home...
Grandpa said…
tried this yesterday, but guess it didn't work.
From the look of things, you guys are enjoying the trip as you go as well as getting there. When I traveled around the "States" and "Canada", I had to waite untill I got where I was going to enjoy the "sights". I wish you all the happiness and healthy day ahead.

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