6.19.09.." The True's I presume?....."

Whoo! Hoo!
The Mr. found a home with help from the famous "Miss Netti & Mr. "T" ,themselves!
That took off alot of stress. Phew!
This will hopefully be the last rental until we buy next. The Mr. didn't do a bad job at all. He's awesome:)
He's sooooo picky, that whatever he likes..I'm cool with it. He found this ,while he was there this week working...
But people, we are heading from Oregon to Arkansas. Did I mention we will be traveling with 2 crazy-ass cats and a OCD dog? Dri-VING!
No??? I didn't.
Well, you know me...I will have some stories for you when I get back to bloggy land. Oh you bet I will! It's me!!
My Bff and her wonderful lil' girl. Well, technically she's my niece...so they will we traveling with us:)
Well, I will bring my lap top in case some some hotel/motel has Internet service..I can keep up w/ you girls! :)
You know the only thing that scares me is ...breaking down? I watch horror flicks! The stupid cars break down at the worse places and then the dumb girl falls down while the evil dude is chasing her! Oh no! Not me! I will take off screaming " Run for your life baby! Your on your own!Baaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh...'
Okay, I was scared once really bad. And I DID leave my husband in the dirt and I took off running...then I thought "Husband?...oh...." then, I turn around.he's rolling.on the ground.laughing.hysterically.
At that moment I wish he had a weak bladder.
So I could laugh at him.
Toodles for now!


Jen~nae said…
JODY!!!!!!!!! I LOVE IT!!!!!! Its so CUTE!! It even has a freakin fireplace!!!! I'm SO jealous!!!! And I'm SOOO happy for you two!!! You're gonna have that home so cutely decorated just like your old house was in no time! And ok.....that last bit of your blog was pretty random....lol And I dunno if I totally understood or not...but uh...there was actually a time that you got scared....and ran off screaming without Daren.....and then went back to him and he was laughing??? I'm confused...what made you run off in the first place??? Lol
Meg said…
Arkansas is a wonderful place to live... I may be a wee bit bias though. ;) Hope the traveling goes well!
Fresh Mommy said…
Ohhhh, congrats!!!! AMAZING place!! He really did do a great job. Good luck with the drive... I guess if we hear from you, that will mean you made it alive!! :)

Lindsey said…
It's beautiful!!!! YAYAYA!!!
Good luck with the traveling! Your new place looks beeeautiful! :) Can't wait to see it all done up, fancy pants style!
Congrats on the home....I bet that help you alot....now no stressing out. You better post pics after it has been Jodyfied....
WHOA! Hope your travels go smoothly!

You have a blog award on my recent post!!! :D
Miss Anne said…
i love it!

Good luck with your move. I think he did a great job!
I'd like to think that cars don't have minds of their own--the occupants of said cars perhaps, but not the cars. If I'm wrong, park yourself on the couch and watch a good Alfred Hitchcock flick--that should settle your nerves. In any case, the pictures of the house look great and I hope you and Darren will be happy there.
The Pink Chick said…
What a cute house! Good luck on the move!

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