.6.15.09.." Show 'N' Tell"

My new lookie-lookie find!

I'm so excited to use this! I've always wanted one!
Great for deep conditioning and straightening your hair! Seriously. Takes away the fly aways on top of your head.
First step} Apply your straightening creme/lotion stuff..
second step} Sit under the dryer, on "low setting" for about 5 min...not long! and your scalp will be somewhat dry!

My hair gal would do this prior to blow drying it straight...of course then, the flatiron..

But Also!!! For the deep conditioning!! Oh my! It feels great! Your hair will send you a "Thank You" note and maybe perhaps a dozen of flowers for doing this!

Do this deep conditioning about every 2 weeks or so. Apply a one-time use shower cap and low setting...for about 10 min. You can go longer..if you wish. :)

Retail: $40.00.......cool, huh? Sally's Beauty Supply.


Jen~nae said…
Wow! That sounded like you were doing a commercial for that! haha Man oh man that's something I need....lol I have way too many damn flyaways. But I usually let them "fly" at work cuz I don't care too much what I look like when I'm working around animals.....lol But maybe I should start caring....eh.... :) Nice find though Jody True! But you look great with or without that!
Miss Anne said…
Seriously, you should look into doing some promo's in Arkansas! :)


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