.6.9.09.."Yip. It got the Best of Me..."

So, as I've explained this to my friends that I have told this story to...
My OCD got the best of me this weekend.

I felt the uncontrollable need to clean the shower.as I was in it.stupid idea.
So, I'm dumping this ol' shampoo down the drain..la de da.....
Then, I get to the conditioner.
Ladies, we use this stuff, why? Because it de- tangles and smooths. And slick as snot, in the shower.
So, as I'm dumping this. I get some splattered on the faucet.
BEFORE my brain could speak to my leg, "hey, this is a bad idea if you go one-legged in this slick as snot area!" but, before I even thought.. .. I had my one leg up and then all of a sudden!
I could see both my feet perfectly aligned in front of me.in the air. not a good place to be.
I hit so hard...my husband came running in! He pulled back to shower curtain and sees his wife in a catatonic state. I was just sitting there rocking back and forth holding the back of my head. Laughing and crying at the same time. Because I was so stupid and did such a dumb thing. It wasn't worth the tears of pain. Only the tears of laughter. But I did a mixture of crying/laughter...but with no tears! Lol!!
I had one of those stupid claw clips in my hair, to keep my hair up. And it jammed in the back of my head. Ouch! I didn't deserve that. That wasn't right.

I had the worse headache ALL day.

So, as I'm rocking back and forth and the Mr. realizes I'm okay.
He says.." Babeeee, you gonna blog about this, huh?"
In a very meek and pitiful voice I said, "Yeah....."


Miss Anne said…
thank goodness you're ok.

no more cleaning the shower, in the shower...

instead of dumping out shampoo and conditioner... just THROW IT AWAY!

AH, I just love you, your comments always make my day! I'm okay, neck is feeling fab, just the usual busy-ness going on over here. But I'm working on a new post as I write this. Thank you for checking up on me!!

AND, praise the Lord YOU'RE okay!!
Lindsey said…
Oh my goodness!! I love that he asked if you were gonna blog about it! Garth asked me that too!
I still laughed so hard reading this. I can not believe it! Sorry but that is so funny. You have a problem you know....you should go get seen for it...LOL OCD I think doesnt cover it!
I love ya NUT!!
You left out my favorite part about shaking the house....lol
Meg said…
Glad you're okay... I've hit my head before with those clips in and it hurts!

hahaha... I died laughing when your husband asked if you were going to blog about it. my husband asks me that all. of. the. time. ;)
Jen~nae said…
AHAHAHAHAHAHA ok....I probably shouldn't laugh about that, but the way you told it both in person and on your blog is freakin a hilarious!!!!! I'm glad you're ok besides the terrible headache, I bet some of that soreness you said was from Jillian Michaels was also from your lil bathtub experience. :) All I can say to you as advice is STAY SAFE IN THE TUB!!! NO SLIPPERY MESSES!!! HEHEHEHEHE Wow....that sounded dirty.... ;)Love ya Jody True Who!
annette said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
annette said…
you could have killed yourself! And yeah.. why not just throw the bottles away? Does shampoo and conditioner go bad???? Your a nut. but I still can't wait to get you here :)
*~! megs !~* said…
oh goodness!! glad you're ok!
A Joyful Chaos said…
Hahaha! I'm over here laughing, hope your headache goes away soon!
It's things like this that make great blog posts!
Thanks for sharing!-)
Miss-happypants said…
This is so fricken funny!!!!

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