.4.20.09."big sigh.."

What a nice and just..quiet.weekend.
NO plans. {just had to work.me.not him..boo.}
We needed this. I came home sat. from work, just not feeling..all that great. You know what I mean? Just.blah.blah...blah..blah.Don't wanna go anywhere.do anything.speak to anyone. Just sit and stare into space. Well, I do this sometimes. I guess not everybody.
So The Mr. got his back deck done..well, we can use it now. He's working on it still, we can just actually stand on it now. It's a good thing here, people!
So we had a nice lil' grilln' session..and after dinner we stayed out on the back deck with our fire pit going and just sat and talked. Watching the flames. We smelled like campfire!! I *luuuv* that smell..but I washed my clothes in the morning..don't care for the smell all over the house..
But then on sunday..this is great..we just went garage sale hunting..not ONE in sight. I guess we didn't get the memo on: "NO Garage Sales TODAY...pssstt..don't tell Mr. and Mrs. FancyPants though..."
SO! I had a great idea! Let's go try on clothes!!! Yea!!!
He just looked at me...
Well, he keeps saying he hates his clothes..no place to be.Nothing to do...Let's go Bob-A-Loo!!
So we are both in the dressing room...I'm not sure if that's legal or not, but c'mon we are married!I'm on a serious mission here, people! No fun n games here!! Chop! Chop!
So I fly through the store...yes, yes,no, no, yuk, gross, well...., humm...,yes, yes.....
I have a pile of clothes and off to the dressing room!! He's like a kid!!! My Gosh!!!
His shoulders are all slumped and giving me that" I don't wanna try that on, that's ugly, I'm not wearing that...gross" Yes. He tried them all on. And he liked them all!! Okay we agreed on two that were just not him...
But not without....{all you hear is me in the dressing room and his voice once in a while....}" Okay, take that off-that is ugly, put that away and try this-lil' big? Well, I like it...OH!!! I like that one! We are getting that one!!..."
It was funny. Then, he took me to lunch and we went and looked at new cars...just for the heck of it. My friend has heated tush seats and that's my new fav. thing...
Well, nice and quiet weekend.
Ta! Da!


Miss Anne said…
i love weekends like that.
and yes, i've seen you in a dressing room or two.. :)

miss you.

how many days til nationals????

:D eek!
Thank you for tagging me!!! But, here is my problem: I don't have a camera on me! And now I know what's coming so it is SO tempting to take a picture as soon as I get my camera and in the mean time make sure I look semi-decent, haha. What should I do? Hmmmm...

So glad you had a great weekend! I loveee the smell of a campfire too, it's the best, but I agree that you don't want it on your clothes the next day, haha.

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