These are a couple of my friends whom I really respect their marriage.
These two are high school sweet hearts and still going strong after....oh, shoot! 13? 14? years of marriage. I know it's around that time!...
But you don't hear of that, that often anymore!
She is still in love with him, just as she was when they first met, she still gets all giddy and gets excited when they have "alone time" with each other. THAT is really cool!
He does so much for her and loves her just the same!
I'm just happy for these two and they are always finding new and exciting ways to make their marriage fun!
Just very happy for them and respect them!
Geez...why am I so sappy, lately?
What's up with me?


Aw you made me cry! I love it. Thank you!
We have been together for 14 years this year and married 9. Very good!!
And it is true....I still love him just as much now maybe even more, than when we met.
I love picture!
Thank you!!
That's sweet! I love happy love stories. :D
Miss Anne said…
What a lovely couple! :) 14 successful years of love! They're quite in love that's obvious!

Miss-happypants said…
They do have a great marriage. I love that they are so happy toghether after all these years!

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